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We are putting together a single volume, providing a 360-degree view of Education Technology. The target audience is schools, professionals, governments and universities alike. This book originated from our track record of creating scalable learning methods

Crowdsourcing Authors

Local Experience, Global Expertise

2020 will be the decade of EdTech. This is not an overnight success. We therefore are looking to find some of the best founders, professors, experts and doers that have moved forward the education technology agenda in their respective organization and countries.


Actors of Change


Crowdsourcing Knowledge

The Process

Open platform, selected by the public & editors

Everyone can submit a 500-word abstract for consideration. This will be published in the form of blogs. Those with the highest number of upvotes will proceed to the shortlist stage. Shortlisted blogs will be reviewed by our editors. Selected authors will then have 1.5 months to submit their final 3,000-word article which will be included in the EdTech Book Final manuscript. released Q4 2020 

Janos Barberis

Academic Rigour

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Pushing the agenda to develop human capital at scale. In the last 5 years, over 100,000 people have learned FinTech via different methods. Ranging from Online Classes (i.e HKU, CFTE), Books (FinTech & RegTech) or Academic Papers (HKU). He Founded a world-leading accelerator and is on the board of start-ups & government entities.


The Curator

Brought to you by the creators the most impactful books, academic research  & online course in FinTech, in the world.


The Editors

Representing Academia, start-ups, industry, governments and investors. They are based across the globe, providing worldwide coverage on the EdTech Sector.

Global Editing Team

We have selected 10 Global Editors, each responsible for one chapter of the EdTech Book. They will be working alongside the crowd-sourced authors to create a reference handbook on the topic of Online Education. You can learn more about them in our bi-weekly blog release.


Chapter 1



5 Trillion dollars will be added to the global education spend within the next 5 years. The way humans learn is randomly shifting with a rapid influx of new ventures leveraging frontier technologies, growing deployment of capital and evangelist early adopters. Our first chapter provides an introduction to the history, key trends and innovation changing the future of learning.

Editor: Pr. Douglas Arner,

The University of Hong Kong  



To A World Best Seller

23 Mar


Launch of the EdTech Book! Crowdsourcing the Future of Online Education 

23 Mar - 30 Sept


Potential authors to submit a 500-word abstract reflecting their expertise and experience within one of the 10 Chapters available.

01 Oct -    31 Oct


Submitted articles will be published on a dedicated blog. Content will be up-voted by the community & selected by the editors

01 Nov- 15 Dec


The selected authors, up to 10 per chapter, will have to expand their innitial submission into a 3,000 article that will be included in the book

15 Dec - 30 Jan


Our specialised editors will review the articles for suggestions and amendment before compiling the final manuscript.

01 Feb - 28 Feb


The EdTech Book manuscript will go through a final proofread stage, read by our editorial team before being sent to production and a 1st edition print run.

01 Mar


The EdTech Book will be launched in Hong Kong, in front of over 400 guests, during a dedicated event. During the event physical copies will be made available to participants, whilst online versions will be shared with remote attendees.


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Crowdsourcing The Future of Online Education


30th of Sept deadline to submit a 500 words abstract


Globally, there is no border to sharing knowledge

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